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  Women's World Chess Champion 
Hou Yifan visits Hong Kong 
(Hong Kong)

     Miss Hou Yifan (China), the reigning Women's World Chess Champion, visited Hong Kong for one week from 24 February to 2 March. We, at the Cheras Chess Academy Hong Kong, were very fortunate to be able to arrange a session for our students on the last day of her visit to the former British colony. The kids as well as the parents, had a chance to meet and talk to her as well as play in a simultaneous chess match against the youngest Women's World Chess Champion ever. 

      The Academy thanks the parents and children for their continued support in making this event a huge success. Special thanks goes to the hardworking Mr. KK Chan whose tireless efforts and good standing with the world champion, made this historic visit possible. 

Little Katrina (with back faced to the camera) 
amuses Yifan with her move. 

Yifan's parents also accompanied her to Hong Kong. 

Collin presenting a book specially printed for the 
World Champion containing most her chess games. 

Yifan obliged by signing all the books for the participants. 

Yifan was in a very relaxed mood throughout her session. 

"The Getting to Know the World Champion" session was probably
the highlight of the day. The children as well as the parents had 
most, if not, all of their questions answered. 

Yifan was pleasantly surprised when she was presented with 
this little gift. Look below to see what it was. 

Special souvenir medals with an image of Yifan on them. 

All participants received a copy of Yifan's Complete Chess Games, 
a specially designed Yifan medal and a Yifan card. 

 A training session was also organised for the participants before and 
after Yifan's visit. Here coach Collin (second from right) is sharing 
a light moment with the kids. 


Victor (standing) assisted in the training. 

One for the album 

 Hou Yifan * Hou Yifan * Hou Yifan 
Yifan * Hou Yifan * Hou Yifan 


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