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Chess Lessons 

N-Shiki Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Kids for Chess Program and Chess for Life Program, have begun weekly Chess classes every Saturday morning from 9.45 am to 12.30 pm at their premises. The course has been designed to be fun and informative for the absolute beginner, the intermediate player, aspiring tournament player as well as the tournament player. The Chess program which has been developed by Candidate Chess Master Collin Madhavan, has International Master Jimmy Liew as its advisor, and is supported by a number of experienced Chess coaches and instructors.

For further details, please call 03-41081498 or email

Chess Practice sessions

Royal Selangor Club

There will be regular Chess practice sessions every Sunday from 2 to 4 pm beginning 27 January 2008

The Club will also be starting regular Chess classes after the Chinese New Year. More details will be available within the next few weeks. For further enquiries, please contact the RSC Chess Convenor Dr. Ajit Singh, Jax Tham (013-3232280) or Dr. Wahid Karim (012-3033047). You can also email your enquiries to

Royal Selangor Club, 
Kiara Sports Annexe,
Jalan Bukit Kiara, 
Off Jalan Damansara, 
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

3rd Kids for Chess Camp 2007 (December 11 to 13)

The 3rd Kids for Chess Camp turned out to be a major success especially with the children enjoying themselves while learning and improving their game of Chess. The three-day Chess Camp, which saw 92 children taking part, was divided into 4 different levels. The 4 levels, which were tailored for the different levels of chess play, included the Absolute Beginner, the Beginner, The Intermediate Player and The Aspiring Tournament Player.

Organised by Kids for Chess Program, the Chess Camp had a wealth of chess experience and knowledge. The 6 chess trainers and 2 chess instructors, included International Master Jimmy Liew, Candidate Master Collin Madhavan, National Master Kamal Abdullah, National Master Choo Min Wang, Tham Tick Hong (FIDE 2113) and S. Balen (FIDE 1960). So apart from the chess theory that was taught to the various levels, 6 grading tournaments were also included into the program. There were altogether 12 winners from the different sections while 2 newcomers to Chess received special prizes from International Master Jimmy Liew for their quick appreciation of the game.

Sekolah Sri Garden were the main sponsors for the event. The school sponsored five worthy students as well as subsidised the fees of all their students who participated in the Camp. The Camp ended with all the participants receiving their notes as well as their certificates of attendance.

Click for more photos from the Dec. Chess Camp

Simultaneous Chess Matches 2007 - 2008


KL Chess Challenge    
8 December 2007

Candidate Master Collin Madhavan broke the Malaysian Book of Records for playing against the Most Number of Players Simultaneously in a Chess Match. In total, Collin played against 71 players whose ages ranged from five to forty-four. The match that lasted almost 4 hours, saw Collin winning 56, drawing 12 and losing the remaining 3 games.

The previous Malaysian record was 59 players and was set in August this year, while the world record stands at 326 players and was set by Grandmaster Susan Polgar in 2005.

Quantum Corporation Sdn Bhd, the main sponsor and organizer of The KL Chess Challenge Match, held the event at their premises in Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Kuala Lumpur. During the closing ceremony, Managing Director of Quantum Corporation Sdn Bhd, Steve Ho, presented prizes to winners and to deserving participants. All participants were also presented with certificates of participation as well as gift packs. As the match was proceeding, members of the public and chess enthusiasts, were given a short talk and video presentation on Quantum Corporation while Mr Lee Siew Fai explained his method of teaching and learning Chess by way of his “Launch Pad Keystones”. More than 100 people attended the event which was co-sponsored by Sekolah Sri Garden, Kuala Lumpur.

 Click for more photos from the KL Chess Challenge

 Chess Puzzles 


White to play and win.   


to play and win.



1.Qxf7 1 - 0 Gior - Olafsson 1953 [1 ..... Bxf7 2. Rxc8 Be8 3.Rxe8]



1. Rxg7 Kxg7 2. Rg1 Kh8 3. Qxe8 1 - 0 Rain - Klysh 1962 [3..... Rxe8 4. Nf7 mate] 

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