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2nd SSG Kids for Chess Open 2006
  | 1st SSG Kids for Chess Open 2005

 IM Jimmy Liew vs Juniors Match No. 2 
(21 January 2007 )

IM Jimmy Liew and Kids for Chess Program (Collin) have fixed 21January 2007 (Sunday) for the 2nd IM Jimmy Liew vs Juniors Match. The details of the match are as follows:

Venue: Wilayah Complex, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 21 January 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 2.30 to 6 pm
Format: Clock simultaneous match
Time control: 1 and a half hours for the juniors and 2 hours for Jimmy Liew
Fees: $30 per player per game
         (fees are partly subsidised by Kids for Chess Program)

There are only 3 more places available for those who want to play against Malaysia's first International Master. So if you are interested, please register early and contact Collin at 03-91316474 or 016-2123578.


IM Jimmy Liew vs Juniors Match No. 1 
(23 December 2006 )

In the 1st clock match between IM Jimmy Liew and 10 juniors, Jimmy Liew recorded 10 wins as he beat this group of aspiring junior chess players. To make the match interesting, the International Master played 5 Whites and 5 Blacks. The players who took part in the match were Lee Joo Hui, Joshua Teo, Low Jun Jian, Camilia Johari, Qistina Johari, Olivia Madhavan, Ian Parr, Matthew Yong, Steven Sim and Chong Wui Fong. The match was jointly organised by IM Jimmy Liew and Kids for Chess Program (Collin). Below are some interesting positions that arose during the match. 

Black to play.    


1    ........ Nc5! 
2.  Qf3    Na4 
3.  Ba1    Bxb4!  0 - 1
Lee Joo Hui - Jimmy Liew, Dec 2006

White to play.


1   a4!     Na7 
2.  axb5  axb5 
3.  d5
    1  - 0
Jimmy Liew - Low Jun Jian, Dec 2006

White to play.


1.  e6!     fxe6  2.  fxe6   Bc6  3.  e7     Kd7 
4.  c4     Qh5   5.  cxd5  Ng3  6.  Kg1   Nxf1 
7.  dxc6  bxc6  8.  Bf5    Ke8  9.  Qxc6  Kf7 
10.  Qe6   Ke8 11.  Qd7   Kf7 12.  e8(=Q)
1 0 
Jimmy Liew - Steven Sim, Dec 2006  


1st Kids for Chess Camp

The 1st Kids for Chess Camp turned out to be a big success especially with the children enjoying themselves while learning or improving their game of chess. The three-day Chess Camp (December 5 to 7) which saw around 70 children taking part in it, was divided into 4 different levels. The 4 levels were tailored for the Absolute Beginner, the Beginner, The Intermediate Player and The Aspiring Tournament Player.

The participants at Sekolah Sri Garden, Kuala Lumpur

The 7 instructors at the camp included International Master Jimmy Liew, National Master Choo Min Wang, S. Balen (FIDE 1960), Seto, Cornelius Bong, Doris Wong & Collin Madhavan (FIDE 2220). Special thanks goes out to Jax Tham, Dr Wahid Karim (RSC) and Sekolah Sri Garden, who were the main sponsor for the event.

The participants and 5 of the trainers.

International Master 
Jimmy Liew

Cornelius Bong & 
Collin Madhavan (FIDE 2220)

S. Balen (FIDE 1960)

National Master Choo Min Wang with some of the kids at the camp.

Seto watching two of the students analysing a position.

Busy calculating their moves.

Two six-year olds who did not want to record their games anymore!! 

Gufeld Tan in deep thought. 

Gufeld Tan taking a BrEaK! Chess is tough work!


Chess Puzzles (January 2007)  


Black to play and win.

Solution #7:  

1. ......     Qxf2!! 

2.  Rxf2    Re1 

3.  Rf1     Bh2

4.  Kh1    Rxf1 mate 10

Yanofsky - Toriran, Canada 1953.



Black to play and win.

Solution #8  

1. ........   Qh2 

2. Kg4     f5 

3. Kg5     Qxg2!!

4. Qxg2   Be3 mate  10

Zilberstein - Veresov USSR 1969.  


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