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3rd SSG Kids 4 Chess Open, Chess Camps + Chess Simul Matches!!!

3rd SSG Kids for Chess Open 2007
11th November 2007 (Sunday)  
9 am to 5 pm   
The Chess Network, 2nd floor, Jalan Dang Wangi,    
Wilayah Complex, Kuala Lumpur.
Kids for Chess Program.    
Under-9 (boys and girls)      
Under-12 (boys and girls)  

Under-15 (boys and girls)  
6 Rounds Rapid play   
Time control:   
hour each.   
Entry fees:   
RM 15 for non-SSG students   
RM 12 for SSG students  
There will be separate prizes for Boys and Girls. In each category, the top 10 winners will each receive a medal and a certificate of achievement. Cash prizes of RM50, RM40 and RM30 will be awarded to the top 3 winners from each category.     
Closing date:  
9th of November 2007 (Friday). There will be a levy of RM5 if registration is done after this date.  No entries will be accepted on the day of the tournament.   

 Click to download entry form      

Simultaneous Chess Matches 2007

In a bid to promote the game of Chess to the masses, Kids for Chess Program along with a number of local sponsors, will be organising a series of Simultaneous Chess Matches in the months of November and December 2007. Candidate Master Collin Madhavan will be playing against a number of chess players both in and outside the Klang Valley. The following two have been confirmed. If you are interested to participate in these matches, please contact the persons in charge of the respective matches. 

Ipoh Chess Challenge

Date:  17 November 2007
Venue: SMK Sri Putra, Fair Park, Ipoh
Time: 2 to 5.30 pm   
Eligibility: Open to all, children and adults. Limited to 50 participants. 
Fees: Free of Charge.
Organisers: Perak International Chess Association (PICA) & Kids for Chess Program. 
Sponsors: Dr. Yee &  Sekolah Sri Garden.
Contacts: Encik Yunus (013-3908129) & Collin (016-2123578)

KL Chess Challenge (versus 64)
(This will be an attempt to break the current record of 59 which was set in August 2007)

Date:  8 December 2007
Venue: Shamelin, Kuala Lumpur (full details soon)
Time: 9 am to 1 pm
Eligibility: Open to all, children and adults. Limited to 64 participants.
Fees: Free of Charge.
Organisers: Quantum88 & & Kids for Chess Program. 
Sponsors: Quantum88 Sdn Bhd & Sekolah Sri Garden.
Contacts: & Collin (016-2123578)

3rd Kids for Chess Camp 2007 (December 11 to 13)

3rd Kids for Chess Camp 2007
(December 11 to 13)

Kids for Chess Program welcomes you to its first Chess Camp for children. The course has been designed to be fun and informative for the absolute beginner, the intermediate player as well as the aspiring tournament player. With this camp, we are proud to announce the following list of players who collectively have more than 100 years of chess experience:

International Master 
Jimmy Liew

National Master
Choo Min Wang

National Master 
Kamal Abdullah


S. Balen (FIDE 1950)

Candidate Master 
Collin Madhavan (FIDE 2220)

Entry fee is a flat rate of RM 80 per student for the 3-day Chess Camp. All Chess equipment will be provided. If there should be any further enquiries, please feel free to contact Collin Madhavan at ( 03-91316474 or  016-2123578). Sekolah Sri Garden is the main sponsor for the event. 

The closing date for submitting the forms has been extended to 10th of December 2007.

Click to download form


2nd Kids for Chess Camp 2007


1st Kids for Chess Camp 2006

 Chess Puzzles 


White to play and win.


Black to play and win.

1. Qe8 Qxe8 2. Bxf6 mate [1 ..... Kg7 2. Qxd8 Bxd4 3. Qxd4 CM 2007
1. ..... Ra1 2. Kxe2 a2 0 - 1 Rethy - Euwe, Budapest 1940 [White has no defence against 3 .... Rh1. 

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