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Chess Tournaments/Seminar
(November to December 2013) 

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10  November  

Pertandingan Catur Piala 
Pengarah JPWPKL 2013
(MSSKL Encik Suhairi)
(Kuala Lumpur)


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12 & 13 Dec  

14th Kids for Chess Camp 
Cheras Chess Academy
(CM Collin Madhavan)
(Kuala Lumpur)


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9 to 13 Dec    
5th Penang Heritage City 
International Chess Open 2013
(FIDE rated)
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17 to 29 Dec



(FIDE rated)
(Al Ain, U.A.E.) 

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17 to 29 Dec



World Youth Chess Championships 2013
(FIDE rated)
(Al Ain, U.A.E.) 


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Random Chess photos

Junior champs 

Ivan Sean wins another title. This time he wins the under-10 boys section 
at the Kepong Junior Chess Open. Well done young man! Keep it up. 

Juniors from SJKC Jalan Davidson School winning 3rd place 
in the school prizes at the Kepong Junior Chess Open 2013. 

* Chess * Chess* * Chess * Chess* * Chess * Chess* * Chess * Chess* * Chess * Chess* 

Training sessions under the Cheras Chess Academy

Regular Sunday Blitz training tournament in Cheras. 

Natalie playing another powerful game

Nicole in deep thought

Camera-shy Hui Lim (left)  playing against Lee Hin (right) . 

Jay Hin (right) seems to say, "How did this happen?"

A tense position has arisen over the chessboard. 

* Chess * Chess* * Chess * Chess* * Chess * Chess* * Chess * Chess* * Chess * Chess* 


14th Kids for Chess Camp 
12 & 13 December 2013
Cheras Chess Academy
(Collin Madhavan)
(Kuala Lumpur)  

 The Cheras Chess Academy, Kids for Chess Program & Imagine Software welcomes you to its 
14th Chess Camp for children. The course has been designed to be fun and informative for  absolute beginners right up to the aspiring tournament player. 

   The Chess camp is headed by Fide Trainer & Candidate Master Collin Madhavan. He will be ably assisted by a team of very capable trainers plus guest Spanish-born Fide Trainer Alberto Muniz from Hong Kong. 

  The participation fee has been subsidised and will be as  follow:

RM90 for Beginners and Absolute Beginners,
    RM100 for Lower Intermediate players,
         RM110 for higher Intermediate, & 
              RM150 for Tournament player. 

       All Chess equipment will be provided. If there should be any further enquiries, please feel free to message Collin at +6016-2123578 or send me an email at

      The closing date for submitting the forms is 10th of December 2013. Please note there are limited places for the Camp. So please sign up early so as to avoid disappointment.      

FIDE Trainer Alberto Muniz Pardino IA, FT (left) & 
Fide Trainer Collin FT, FA, CM (right)
      Some photos from our earlier Chess Camps are featured below.



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5th SJKC Jalan Davidson Youth Open
30 June 2013

9 year old Lik Zang (left) wins the under18 boys section while his 
opponent, Rosamund, emerges champion in the girls under18 category.

Zi Yue (left) wins the under-9 boys section

Zhi Tong (facing camera) wins the under-9 girls section.
Arbiter Genkes is standing in the background

Arbiter Chong (standing on the right) is seen setting the clocks for the next round. 

Arbiter Sofi (standing left) decides on a claim

Arbiter Olivia watching over a game

It's all tension at the chessboard

And more tension

The cool Aariz did not realise that the dress code was casual smart. 
He was the only boy in school uniform. Clap clap clap! Well done boy. 

Tara found something to smile about. 
She was winning her game. 

Daren holding back his tears as he is checkmated. 



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and complete results.


Chess lessons in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Day & Time: Sunday from 3 to 5 pm.

Levels:  All levels from beginner to tournament player.

Age: Children from 5 years of age to adults.

Who should join: Anyone who is interested to play Chess either for fun or to become a 
                         strong player. For your information, we have been running classes in Cheras 
                         for more than 7 years. 

Area: In Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (near Leisure Mall). 

Enquiries:  Please call/sms Collin at  016-2123578, or email us at

Chess lessons in Subang or Amcorp Mall 
(to be announced soon)

Day & Time: Saturdays from January 2014 onwards.

Age: Children from 5 years of age to 16.

Area: In Taipan, Subang Jaya or Amcorp Mall, PJ

Enquiries:  Please call/sms Collin at  016-2123578, or email us at

Chess Puzzles

 White to checkmate Black in 3 moves.    


White to checkmate Black in 2 moves. 



1. Qd6 Nge7 2. Qd8 Nxd8 3. Rxd8 checkmate 1 - 0 




1.  Qc7 Nxc7 2. Nb6 checkmate 1 - 0

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