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Tournaments (December 2008) 

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7 December    
10th CAS –OCTAGON 4th Quarter Allegro Championship 2008  
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10 – 14 Dec.   
Pearl Point National Junior  
Chess Championship 2008  
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13 – 14 Dec.   
The Penang Chess League 2008 
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18 - 22 Dec.  
Terengganu Open 2008 (Fide)  
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15 - 21 Dec. 
KL Chess Open 2008 (Fide)     
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21 December     
4th  CRC Taiping Open Chess    Tournament 2008   
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21 December   
PISA Chess Challenge 2008
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PISA Chess Challenge 2008


Penang International Book Fair2008 

                    In conjunction with the Pesta Pulau Pinang celebrations this year, AsiaFairs Sdn Bhd will be organizing the Penang International Book Fair 2008 which will run from the 16th to the 21st of December 2008. 

                    As part of the other events and attractions organised for this period, AsiaFairs Sdn Bhd will be organizing a simultaneous Chess match between Chess Master Collin Madhavan and more than 80 players in a bid to set a new Malaysian Chess Record, The Most Consecutive Chess Games Played. The Penang State Government and the Malaysia Book of Records have endorsed this event while Kit-Kard Corporation Sdn Bhd is one of the main sponsors for this Chess match. The details of the match are as follows:

21 December 2008 (Sunday) 
10 am to 4 pm  
Penang International Sports Arena (PISA), Penang  (Map attached)  
AsiaFairs Sdn Bhd & Kit-Kard Corporation Sdn Bhd  

Please note the following:

  • All chess equipment will be provided. And NO Entry fees will be charged to the participants.

  • Open to all players, children and adults.

  • Each participant will receive a Certificate of Participation.

  • Players may leave the hall once their games are over or if they wish to, they may play another game or games.

       To register, please register online at Penang Chess Association or Eu Hong's website
OR  call Penang Chess Association representative: Tan Eng Seong [012-4299517] after 7pm. 

               If there should be any further enquiries, please feel free to contact Collin Madhavan at 03-91316474 or 016-2123578, or by email  

4th Kids for 
Chess Camp 
(26 & 27 Nov.2008)

More details on the 4th Kids for Chess Camp 2008 in the next issue. 


Chess Puzzles 


Black to play and win.    


Black to play and win. 




1. ..... Rf2 2. Qh1 Rxf1 3. Kxf1 Qd1 4. Kg2 Qf3 0 – 1 [2. Qxg3 Rxf1 3. Kg2 Rg1 +-; 2. Qxf2 gxf2 3. Kxf2 Qf5 -+; 5. Kg1 Qf2 #] Bankov – Lusmijagi 1947




1. ..... Nf3 2. gxf3 Bxd4 0 – 1 [2. Kh1 Nxd4 -+] Thomas – Horn 1948      

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