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Chess Tournaments/Matches
(February to June 2014) 

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23 February    

3rd Piala Pengarah MSSKL 2014 
MSSKL (Cikgu Suhairi)
(Kuala Lumpur)


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22 February  

(Mr Narayanan, FA, FI)
(Johore Bahru)


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9 March  

Kl Juniors 2014 
MSSKL (Cikgu Suhairi)
(Kuala Lumpur)


More details will be 
posted soon.
12 to 
16 March
National Closed Chess 
Championship 2014

(Kuala Lumpur)
More details will be 
posted soon.
24 to 
28 March
MSSM Chess National Schools 
Finals 2014
More details will be 
posted soon.

12 to 
14 April


National Age-Group Chess 
Championships 2014
(OCM, Kuala Lumpur)
More details will be 
posted soon.
12 to 
19 April

14th Bangkok Chess Club Open 2014
(FIDE rated)
(Bangkok, Thailand) 


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23 to 
27 April
Sydney international open chess tournament 2014
(FIDE rated)
(Sydney, Australia) 
Details will be 
posted soon. 
30 April to 
4 May
Selangor Open 
(FIDE rated)
(Kuala Lumpur)
Details will be 
posted soon. 
25 April to 
4 May 2014

(FIDE rated)

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29 & 30  
May 2014

14th Kids for Chess Camp 
(Cheras Chess Academy)
(Kuala Lumpur)


Details will be 
posted when available.  
3 to 12 
June 2014

15th ASEAN+ Age-Group 
Chess Championships 2014
(FIDE rated)
(Sands Cotai Central, Macau) 


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Random photos 

Kasparov in Macau

Kasparov on Macau TV!! 
From left, President of the Macau Chess Federation Jose Silveirinha, 
Former World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov, 
FIDE Secretary General Ignatius Leong 
and Hong Kong I.A. KK Chan. 

Chess *
Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess *
Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess *
Two juniors honoured by 
Cheras Chess Academy 


The Cheras Chess Academy awarded medals of Excellence to its 
National Junior Champions who represented Malaysia at 
The World Youth Chess Championships in December 2013. 
From left, Lik Zang, Coach Collin and Zi Yue. 

Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess *

Dato' Tan (left) having a friendly game with former national player 
and champion, Francis Chin. Looking on is KK Chan (middle). 

Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess *

Dinesh (left) playing against Darrel Yap at the regular weekly blitz 
training session organised by the Cheras Chess Academy. 

Chess * Chess * Chess * Chess *

Chinese Chess Anyone?

A new piece on the board. And smiling.


Chinese New Year Chess Tournament 2014
(26 January 2014)

The Cheras Chess Academy organised the Chinese New Year chess tournament 
on the 26th of January 2014. A total of 34 players played in the 4 different 
categories. The event was run on a round robin format. 

The happy lot. They were caught singing many a time during their games.  

It seems that Chee Meng (left) is trying to hypnotise Phuah during their game. 

They're all smiles. Doris (left) playing against Peng Peng. 

May seems happy with her game against Shun Kai. 

Jax Tham (left) facing Lik Zang for the title. 

Ian (left) playing against Jeremy Phuah. 

SEA games bronze medalist, Genkeswaran (left) playing in the Masters section. 

Chee Pang (right) 

Old friends. From left, Jax Tham, Tan Hong Ghee and Collin. 

Still going strong. From left, Jax Tham, Tan Hong Ghee and Prabha Rajendra. 

The Juniors section. 

The Adults section. 

The Intermediate category

The Masters section. 

The results




1st Lye Lik Zang
2nd Jax Tham
3rd Tan Hong Ghee
4th Jeremy Phuah
Prabha Rajendra 
Position Name
1st Johnathan Ananda Leong
2nd Koh Chun Hong
3rd Chia Zheng May
4th Sean Lee
Chia Zheng Xi
Adults category Junior category




1st Chong Chee Meng 1st Low Chee Fatt
2nd Steven 2nd Koh Chun Nam
3rd Tan Lip Heong 3rd Chai Chang Yik
4th Doris Wong 4th Ling Xin Tai
5th Phuah Cheng Sun 5th Ling Xin Yu
6th Chew Peng Peng 6th Yong Jun Wei


GACC International Inter-Varsity 
Chess Championship 2014
(Kuala Lumpur)

Indonesian Grandmaster Megaranto Susanto (left), 
the highest player in the tournament, won all his nine games. 
Looking on in the middle is Prabha Rajendra (in check pants). 

Alia representing University Malaya. 

Ken Yew (left) representing Help. 

Olivia (right) representing law college, ATC. 

Olivia Madhavan(ATC) and Liew Ken Yew (Help) played at the GACC 2014 event. 

Olivia and Ken Yew posing outside the venue. 
The tournament was held at University Malaya. 

WFM Melissa Lo (left) from Singapore. 

Ruby Kwan (left) from UPSI. 

Bong Bunawan (left) from Indonesia.

Gregory Lau (left) with Bunawan

Ken Yew (right) 


Chess lessons in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Day & Time: Sunday from 3 to 5 pm.

Levels:  All levels from beginner to tournament player.

Age: Children from 5 years of age to adults.

Who should join: Anyone who is interested to play Chess either for fun or to become a 
                         strong player. For your information, we have been running classes in Cheras 
                         for more than 7 years. 

Area: In Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (near Leisure Mall). 

Enquiries:  Please call/sms Collin at  016-2123578, or email us at

Chess lessons in Petaling Jaya
We are currently looking for an ideal place. 
Any suggestions, please email us at

Day & Time: Saturday mornings.

Age: Children from 5 years of age to 16.

Area: In Petaling Jaya. 

Enquiries:  Please call/sms Collin at  016-2123578, or email us at

Chess Puzzles


 White to checkmate Black in 2 moves.    


White to checkmate Black in 2 moves. 





1. Qf7 Nxf7 2. Ne6#  





1. Qf5 Nxf5 2. e6# 

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