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Chess Tournaments (October to December 2009) 

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25 October     

SJK (C) Jalan Davidson Chess Open 2009
(Kuala Lumpur)  

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17 October      

Deepavali Rapid Chess (10.20.30) 2009  
(Kuala Lumpur) 

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26 Nov. to   
5 Dec.   

14th Rakan Muda GACC International 
Inter-Varsity Chess Championship 2009  
(Kuala Lumpur) 
(FIDE rated) 


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1 November 

      (Kuala Lumpur)

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9 to 15 Dec.     

Singapore Open
Commonwealth Age-Group Championships 
Challengers Tournaments
(FIDE rated) 

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SJK (C) Jalan Davidson Chess Open 
(25 October 2009) 

Date:  25th October (Sunday) 
Time:  9 am to 5 pm
Venue: SJK (c) Jalan Davidson, KL.
Organiser: SJK (c) Jalan Davidson and assisted by Kids for Chess Program.
Under-9 (boys and girls)  
Under-12 (boys and girls)   
Under-16 (boys and girls)  
Format:  6 Rounds Swiss Rapid play (˝ hour each).
Entry fee:   
RM 12 for all categories  
RM 10 (from SJK (c) Jalan Davidson)   
Closing date:     23rd of October 2009 (Friday). Only entries with the entry fee will be considered to have entered for the tournament.  
Contacts: Collin 016-2123578 & Bob Yap 012-2878378. 

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Whatever does it mean? 
                                                                    - By Collin Madhavan

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More photos from the Malaysian Open 2009

Grandmaster Negi Parimarjan, the winner of the 
2009 Dato Arthur Tan Malaysian Chess Open.

WGM Zhang  Xiaowen from China

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Hari Raya Chess Challenge 2009
   (23rd and 24th of September)

Jax Tham Tick Hong wins Hari Ray Chess Challenge in Kuala Lumpur. In second place was Abdullah Che Hassan, while junior player Roshan Ajeet Singh emerged a creditable 3rd. The tournament used classical time control of 90 minutes plus 30 second time increment for each move.  

The final results are as follows:

PNo.Name                           R1     R2    R3    R4     R5    R6    Total 
  2 JAX THAM                       6b1   5w1   1b�   7w1   8b1   3w1   5.5 
  1 ABDULLAH CHE HASSAN           15w1   8b1   2w�   4b1   5w1   6b�   5.0 
  6 ROSHAN AJEET SINGH             2w0  10b1  14w1   3b1   4w1   1w�   4.5 
  5 JOSHUA FOONG                  17w1   2b0  11w1  13b1   1b0   7w1   4.0 
 11 ANDREW SOONG                   4w0  17b1   5b0  12w1  16w1  10b1   4.0 
 13 TIN JUN HAO B-12              22b1   3w1   7b0   5w0   9b1   8w1   4.0 
  4 CHONG KWAI KUN                11b1   7w�   9b1   1w0   6b0  20w1   3.5 
  3 MARK SIEW                     16w1  13b0  21b1   6w0  17w1   2b0   3.0 
  7 CHONG YAN MENG B-14           18w1   4b�  13w1   2b0  10w�   5b0   3.0 
  8 GABRIEL SOONG                 19b1   1w0  12b1  21w1   2w0  13b0   3.0 
  9 KUNG KAH HENG                 20w�  14b1   4w0  16b�  13w0  19b1   3.0 
 10 LEE ZHI WEI B-10              21b�   6w0  19b1  22w1   7b�  11w0   3.0 
 14 THAM CHEE LEONG               12b1   9w0   6b0  19w1  20b0  21w1   3.0 
 16 ETHAN WONG                     3b0  22w�  15b1   9w�  11b0  18b1   3.0 
 17 KUNG SOON HENG                 5b0  11w0  18b1  15w1   3b0  12w1   3.0 
 20 VINTON WONG                    9b�  21w0  22b0  18w1  14w1   4b0   2.5 
 21 ENG MAY KEI                   10w�  20b1   3w0   8b0  22w1  14b0   2.5 
 12 MAX WONG                      14w0  18b1   8w0  11b0  19w1  17b0   2.0 
 22 ROSHEN SUBRAMANIAM            13w0  16b�  20w1  10b0  21b0  15w�   2.0 
 15 SEAN HSHI-LOONG                1b0  19w0  16w0  17b0  18w1  22b�   1.5 
 19 SOOI CHING WEI                 8w0  15b1  10w0  14b0  12b0   9w0   1.0 
 18 LEE ZHI YAN                    7b0  12w0  17w0  20b0  15b0  16w0   0.0 


First Friday Classical Chess (Oct.2009)
   (2nd, 3rd and 4th of October)

Jax Tham Tick Hong wins yet another tournament within the span of 10 days! Second was Mark Siew from Perak and 3rd Joshua Soong. The under-10 section was won by Sooi Ching Wei while Chiew Tan Wei won the under-12 category. 

The final results are as follows:

No.  PNo.  Name                              R1      R2      R3    R4    R5       Score

  1.    1  JAX THAM                          5w1    4b1    3w1   2b1   6w1    1   5.0

  2.    2  MARK SIEW                       8w1   10b1   4w1   1w0   5b1    1   4.0

  3.    3  JOSHUA FOONG                9b1     6w1   1b0   7w1  14b1   -1   4.0

  4.    5  TIN(12)JUN HAO               1b0    14w1  10b1   6b1   2w0   -1   3.0

  5.    4  KUNG(12)KAH HENG         11w1  1w0    2b0  13b1   9w1    1   3.0

        7  SOOI(10)CHING WEI        14b0    9w1   13b1   3b0  10w1   -1   3.0

  7.    6  CHIEW(12)YAN WEI        13w1    3b0   14b1   5w0   1b0   -1   2.0

       14  ISKANDAR(12)ADAM         7w1    5b0    6w0   8b1   3w0    1   2.0

        9  DERRICK(12)LEE               3w0    7b0    8w1    r1   4b0    0   2.0

       10  DOMINIC(8)LONG             r1       2w0   5w0  11b1   7b0    0   2.0

       13  IRISYA(10)ADAM               6b0     r1     7w0   4w0  11b1    0   2.0

        8  LEE(12)YEW CHERN           2b0   11w1  9b0  14w0    r1    0   2.0

 13.   11  FATHI(12)AIMAN                4b0   8b0    r1  10w0  13w0    0   1.0

 14.   12  FATHI(10)IKHWAN                r0    r0    r0    r0    r0    0   0.0


Chess Puzzles 

Black to play and win.    

Black to play and win. 




1 ..... Qxh3 2. gxh3 Rf1 3. Kg2 R8f2 # Tryandafyllidis–Vlahos 1980     




1. …… Rh2 2. Kh2 Qh3 # Kevlar – Burger 1996

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