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Chess Tournaments/Matches
(January to June 2014) 

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26 January 
(2 to 5 pm)

Chinese New Year Chess 
Tournament 2014
(Kuala Lumpur)
This is by invitation and open to students of the  Cheras Chess Academy.  
23 to 28 
GACC International Inter-Varsity 
Chess Championship 2014
(FIDE rated)
(Kuala Lumpur)
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12 to 
19 April

14th Bangkok Chess Club Open 2014
(FIDE rated)
(Bangkok, Thailand) 


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23 to 
27 April
Sydney international open chess tournament 2014
(FIDE rated)
(Sydney, Australia) 
Details will be 
posted soon. 
25 April to 
4 May 2014

(FIDE rated)

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3 to 12 
June 2014

15th ASEAN+ Age-Group 
Chess Championships 2014
(FIDE rated)
(Sands Cotai Central, Macau) 


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Random photos 

Angry Bird Playing Chess? 

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Chew Wen Da was awarded the 2013 Most Promising Player 
of the Cheras Chess Academy. 

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Activekids End of the Year Tournament 
December 2013
(Hong Kong)

The Cheras Chess Academy congratulates its students, Adrian Leung (left) 
and Gerent Lee (right), who emerged Champion and second 
respectively in the Under-8 category. 

The Cheras Chess Academy also congratulates 
Steven Kong who captured the under-6 title. 


Cheras New Year Chess Tournament 2014
(1 January 2014)

The Cheras Chess Academy organised a New Year Day chess tournament on the 
afternoon of 1 January 2014. This chess event was by invitation only and places 
were limited. Apart from welcoming in the new year, the event also raised some more 
funds for the Haiyan Relief Fund that is managed by TheSun newspapaers. 
This event raised RM1,600 in donations. 

Ken Yew (right) on his way to winning the Junior Masters title. 

Chee Meng (right) played well and won all his 5 games to capture the Adults title.  

Jarell (right) won the the Intermediate section. This is his first 'major' chess title.  

Darrel (left) and Chee Pang play decide the 3rd and 4th placings 
in an Armageddon playoff match. 

The Junior Masters section. 

The Intermediate category section. 

The Adults section. 

Complete results

Adults category Intermediate category
Position Name Position Name
Champion Chong Chee Meng Champion Jarell Cheong
Second Doris Wong Second Ivan Sean Yap
Third Bob Yap Third Dallas Yap 
Fourth Tan Lip Heong Fourth Johnathan Ananda Leong
Fifth Phuah Cheng Sun Fifth Quah Shun Kai
Sixth Evalyn Sixth Ian Lee
Seventh Sean Lee
Eighth Sabbeq Shaari
Junior Masters category Ninth Lim Zhi Thong
Tenth Lee Yib Yi
Position Name
Champion Liew Ken Yew
Second Chew Wen Da
Third Darrel Yap
Fourth Low Chee Pang
Fifth Jeremy Phuah
Sixth Tan Cheng Giap
Seventh Shahir Shaari
Eighth Bryan Yap
Ninth Koh Chun Hoong
Tenth Kingsley Low 


 World Youth Chess Championships
(Al Ain, UAE)

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov making the first move for the under 8 Open section. 
Hey look, it's Miguel Garceran whose seated on the left.
(credit for photo: World Youth 2013 website


Lik Zang just before one of the rounds at the World Youth 2013. 
He was playing in the under-10 Open section.

Zi Yue competed in the under-8 Open category. 

(credit for photos above: World Youth 2013 website


The Haiyan Relief 
Chess Match
(8 December)

From left: Chew Wen Da, Liew Ken Yew, Olivia Madhavan, 
Camilia Johari, Collin Madhavan and Joshua Teo. 

       With the help of TheSun newspapers, Mercy Malaysia, friends and the chess community, the Cheras Chess Academy and Kids for Chess Program managed to raise RM5,770 in donations for victims of the recent Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines. '


My good friends, Goh Ah Kow (left) and Tan Lip Heong.

       The Haiyan Relief Chess Match was a simultaneous chess match where 5 students and Master Collin played more than 70 consecutive chess games against donors and their nominees at the International Youth Centre in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. The match lasted 3 hours. 

Olivia Madhavan 

Chew Wen Da (standing) 

Liew Ken Yew (standing).

Camilia Johari

Joshua Teo 

In the background playing (standing from left) are 
Olivia Madhavan (white blouse), Chew Wen Da (red shirt), 
Liew Ken Yew (white shirt) and Camilia Johari (black blouse). 
Photo credits to Daniel Chan of the TheSun newspapers. 

               Thanks for everyone's support. 
                   I believe that we made a small difference.
                 The charity chess match was also mentioned in: 
TheSun newspapers   & 
         Grandmaster Susan Polgar's blog.


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Hong Kong Juniors
Championship 2013
9 & 10 November 2013

The Cheras Chess Academy had a final session of training for its players 
just a day before the HK Juniors Championships 2013. 

Coach Collin with his team of players. 

Joey(left) and Harold doing a pressure test. 

Break time during the training session. 

It's tournament day. 

The under 7 section. 

James is all concentration during his games.  

James (left) faces off against Joey Wong. 

Gerent Lee playing in the under 10 section.

Harold (left) and Steven (right) are all set to do battle over the 
chessboard. Harold emerged third while Steven took second place 
just losing out on the tie-break and the under 7 title. 

Adrian just after he checkmated his opponent. 

Joey gave a good account of himself when he finished strongly in the 
tournament with five wins out of 7 games. Well done young man. 

David (left) with his little princess, Mei Jing (right). 
Mei Jing emerged the top under 7 girl in Hong Kong and a 
creditable fourth in the under 7 Open section. Well done Mei Jing. 

IA KK Chan 

The Kwong brothers, James (left) and Harold (right). 
James was the top under 10 boy while 
Harold emerged in third position in the under 7 section. 

Wong Chingchi won the overall under 10 Open section with 
a perfect score of 7 points!!


Chess lessons in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Day & Time: Sunday from 3 to 5 pm.

Levels:  All levels from beginner to tournament player.

Age: Children from 5 years of age to adults.

Who should join: Anyone who is interested to play Chess either for fun or to become a 
                         strong player. For your information, we have been running classes in Cheras 
                         for more than 7 years. 

Area: In Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (near Leisure Mall). 

Enquiries:  Please call/sms Collin at  016-2123578, or email us at

Chess lessons in Petaling Jaya
(to be announced soon)

Day & Time: Saturdays from January 2014 onwards.

Age: Children from 5 years of age to 16.

Area: In Petaling Jaya. 

Enquiries:  Please call/sms Collin at  016-2123578, or email us at

Chess Puzzles


 White to checkmate Black in 2 moves.    


White to checkmate Black in 2 moves. 




1. Nf6 Bxf6 2. Qf7# {or 1. Kf8 2. Qf7#}





1. Qxg7 Qxg7 2. Rxf8#

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