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Chess Tournaments (December 2010) 

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1 to 2  December   
8th Kids for Chess Camp 
(Kuala Lumpur)  
Organised by Cheras Chess Academy 
(Collin Madhavan) 

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4 to 5  December 
Penang Chess League
Team Tournament
Details from Tan Eng Seong 
(012-429 9517).  

5 December 
No Frills Rapid Chess
(Kuala Lumpur)  
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8 to 12 December  
Penang Heritage City Open 
International Chess Tournament 2010 
(FIDE rated)   
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17 to 19 December   
Sarawak open
(FIDE rated) 
Joseph Ting (016-8893185 / fax: 084-331451) or 
Lim Kian Hwa (016-8603180 /  
25 to 30 December  
(FIDE rated)   
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25 to 30 December 


(FIDE rated)   
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25 to 30 December  
(FIDE rated)   
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25 to 30 December  
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25 to 30 December 


FIDE Trainers Seminar for
FIDE Trainer Titles
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2nd November Rating Tournament 2010 
(FIDE rated)  

          Liew Ken Yew wins 2nd November Rating Tournament in Kuala Lumpur. But it was close as 4 players tied for 1st place. But on tie-break, Ken Yew emerged Champion, followed by Fadrus Zakaria (Stone Master's brother), Pavitranayagi and 'birthday girl' Haslindah Ruslan. 

         Separate prizes were awarded for the different rating categories. The list of prize winners are as follows: 

Elo 1751 to 1950:   

1st  Liew Ken Yew
2nd  Yat Guo Jie
3rd Subramanian Sivanesan 
4th Olivia Madhavan   

Elo 1551 to 1750: 

1st Pavitranayagi Jayamurthey 
2nd Haslindah Ruslan
3rd Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan
4th Yap Wan Lin

Unrated & Elo below 1551:  

1st Mohd Fadrus Zakaria 
2nd Adrian Choo Cheng Yong 
3rd Dinesh Siddharthan M.

Left to right: Liew Ken Yew, Olivia Madhavan, Subramanian & Yat Guo Jie.

Left to right:Haslindah Ruslan, Nithyalakshmi, Yap Wan Lin & Pavitranayagi.

Left to right: Mohd Fadrus Zakaria, Adrian Choo & Dinesh Siddharthan

Birthday 'girl' Haslindah Ruslan.

Birthday 'girl' Haslindah Ruslan (middle) & birthday 'boy' Karl Jin (right).

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8th Kids for Chess Camp 

December 1 (Wednesday) 
December 2 (Thursday)  
9.00 am to 3.00 pm (A total 12 hours)
Pandan Lake Club (Perdana Ballroom), 28, Jalan Perdana 3/8,
Pandan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur   
3 Levels 
1) Absolute beginner/beginner
2) Intermediate player
3) Aspiring tournament player


Morning break and lunch provided for 

            Kids for Chess Program & Imagine Software, welcomes you to its 8th Chess Camp for children. The course has been designed to be fun and informative for the absolute beginner, the intermediate player as well as the aspiring tournament player. The Chess camp is headed by International Master Jimmy Liew & Candidate Master Collin Madhavan, and will be assisted by a team of very qualified trainers. 

            Entry fee is a flat rate of RM 90 per participant for the 2-day Chess Camp. All Chess equipment will be provided. If there should be any further enquiries, please feel free to contact Collin Madhavan at 03-91316474 or 016-2123578). 

           The closing date for submitting the forms is 30th of November 2010. 

Click to download the form. 



2nd SJKC Jalan Davidson Chess Open 
14th November 2010

Here are the top 3 winners for all six categories.

Boys under-9

1 Hemant Sathish
3 Lye Lik Zang
Girls under-9

1 Melanie Koo Wei Wei
2 Chin Siew Mei
Boys under-12

1 Tin Jun Hao
2 Shum Rui Yuan
3 Darrel Yap
Girls under-12

2 Nur Faqihah Aminuddin
3 Chew Zhi Jing

Boys under-16

1 Liew Ken Yew
3 Derek Poon Guo Liong
Girls under-16

1 Olivia Madhavan
2 Nur Farihah Aminuddin
3 Banumathy a/p Gunasegaran

Click here for full results 



Chess sessions in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Day & Time: Sunday from 3.15 to 5 pm.

Levels:  All levels from beginner to tournament player.

Age: Children from 5 years of age to adults.

Who should join: Anyone who is interested to play Chess either for fun or to become a 
                         strong player. For your information, we have been running classes in Cheras 
                         for more than 4 years. 

Area: In Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (near Leisure Mall). 

Enquiries:  Please call/sms Collin at  016-2123578, or email us.  

Chess Puzzles

to play and win.    

Black to play and win. 




1.Ne7+ R8xe7 2.Rd8+ Re8 3.Qf8+ 1–0 Chigorin – B. 1903 [1...R2xe7 2.Qxe7]






1.Rxf6 Kxf6 2.Bxe5 Kxe5 3.Qxd3 1–0 Peichewa - Christiansen 1990 [1...Kg5 2.f4 Kxf6 3.fxe5]

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