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Chess Tournaments/Matches/Camps (July 2009) 

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4 July      

SK Seri Hartamas KL Age-Group Chess  Championship 2009 
(Kuala Lumpur)

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5 July   

Chung Ling Open 2009

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12 July 


Kejohanan Catur Terbuka Felda Lasah 2009 
   (Sungai Siput, Perak) 

See below for more details.


Kejohanan Catur Terbuka Felda Lasah 2009
(12 July 2009) 

Date: 12 July 2009 (Sunday)

Sponsor: Persatuan Belia Felda Lasah

Organiser: Persatuan Belia Felda Lasah and assisted by PICA. 

Time: 9.00 am (Round 1)

Venue: Sekolah Agama Rakyat Felda Lasah (17 km from Sungai Siput North)

Category: Under-12 (Boys & Girls), Under-15 (Boys & Girls) and Open

Entry fees: Primary & Secondary students - RM 5
                 Junior Members Association/PICA - RM 10
                 Open - RM 15


Champion to 10th position, 
Champion - RM 1000, 2nd - RM 500, 3rd - RM 300, 4th - RM 200,  
5th - RM 100. 6th to 10th - RM 50 each.
B12 & B15 (Boys & Girls)  Champion to 10th position. A total of 10 prizes in four category   
(total = 40 prizes) 

Certificates: All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Lucky Draw: There will be a lucky draw before the closing ceremony. 

Contact person: SMS name to 014-2510852 (Cikgu Abu Bakar Martin). Please state your 
                        category that you are entering for. For schools, please fax your name or 
                        list of names to 05-5951371 (attention: Cikgu Abu Bakar Martin). 

Limit: Only the 1st 150 players will be registered for the tournament. 

Closing date: 10 July 2009 or when the target of 150 players is reached. 


SP Setia Simultaneous Chess Challenge         

From left to right: Tan Eng Seong, Lee Siew Fai (Seremban), Mr. Loh (Seremban), International Master Jimmy Liew, Raymond Yap (CFO, SP Setia Berhad), 
Collin Madhavan, Lim Teck Hoe (Asian Memory Record Holder), 
American Master Larry Parr and PS Lim.   

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5th Kids for Chess Camp
8th & 9th of June

More photos in the next update 
of this website. 


Chess Puzzles 

White to play and win.    

White to play and win. 




1.Bd6! Qe3 2.Be5 Qe5 3.Nf7 wins {1...Qg7 2.Be5 a4 3.Bg7 Kg7 4.Nf5 Kf6 5.Ne3 a3 6.Nd5+ Ke5 7.Nc3} Kasparian      




1.Ra4! Qxa4 2.Rh3 wins: if 1...Qc8 2.Rh3 Qh3 3.Ra3 wins

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