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Tournaments (from 25 October & 16 November 2008) 

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25-26 October  
2nd UPSI   
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2 November  
15th Kepong Jumior Open   
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16 November  
RSC Chess Festival   
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30 November   
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Chan Mun Fye Simultaneous Chess Exhibition

Chan Mun Fye, the 1973 National Chess Champion, is seen here playing in a simultaneous Chess match in Kuala Lumpur recently. The 62 year 'young' chess crazy champion, says that Chess is a Great teacher and it helps keep his mind sharp!! 

IM Jimmy Liew in the Malaysian Tatler 

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Chess Puzzles 


White to play and win.   


White to play and win.   




1. Bg5 Kg7 2. Bh6! (cheeky move) 1 – 0  
Sliwa – Tarnowski 1952




1. Rxc6 bxc6 2. Nc5 1 – 0 Hartson – Durao 1975 
[2 .... Rfd8 3. Ba6 +-]

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