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Chess Tournaments (November to December 2012) 

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27 & 28 November   
12th Kids for Chess Camp
(Kuala Lumpur)  
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24 November

Chess Open 2012
(Johore Bahru)
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8 & 9 December
Penang Chess League 2012
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10 to 15  December 
Penang Heritage City International 
Chess Open 2012
(FIDE Rated)

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MSSKL 2012 Calendar
(Kuala Lumpur Schools Sports Council)
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Random Chess photos

Lye Lik Zang (New Delhi 2011) 

Hong Kong: Garceran Wang Mei Jing wins Under 6 Girls title 
at the Active Kids Novices tournament (18 November 2012)


Photos and news from the 
World Youth Chess Championships 
7 to 19 November 2012

Lik Zang shines in Maribor!!!

             Lye Lik Zang (Malaysia) emerged joint 4th at the World Youth Chess Championships that was held in Maribor, Slovenia. His campaign at the World Youth was impressive, winning six games, drawing four and losing a winning game. In the last round when it mattered most, Lik Zang told me that he was going for the win against the eventual winner of the tournament and the new Under-8 World Chess Champion. It was a hard fought draw though there were a few incidents during the game that had upset Lik's Zang's concentration. On tie-break, Lik Zang was place 7th in a field of 136 players from all over the world.

           Congratulations Lye Lik Zang for playing good impressive chess. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at some of the positive remarks and words of encouragement that I have received for Lik Zang. 

Lik Zang has a keen eye for tactics and a solid 
understanding of several types of endgame. 

                  Earlier international successes include his 3rd place finishing in the under-7 Open category at the Asian Schools Championships in New Delhi, India in December 2011 and his  emerging as the under-8 Champion at the 1st ASEAN International Youth Chess Championships in Singapore in August 2012. 

Lik Zang in 2011

Congrats from coach Collin to Lye Lik Zang. 


James Kwong does 
Hong Kong proud 

     With a pair of supportive parents, James Kwong pursued his dream of one day becoming a chess Master. Slovenia was a tough test for the young lad from Kowloon, Hong Kong. With just 3 months of preparations, very little relevant tournament practice but a lot of determination, James played at the World Youth Chess competition in Slovenia. Despite his falling sick midway into the event, James managed a respectable 5 points and can proudly boasts that he played 8 experienced FIDE rated opponents! James showed a lot of promise for future chess success. 

      Though James was the lone representative from Hong Kong, James was never really alone with his father playing the roles of father, mother, friend and doctor! True determination as he fought the cold weather as well as his fever to stay on course for the entire tournament. 

     Earlier this year, James had competed at the 1st ASEAN International Youth Chess Championships in Singapore. There he emerged 7th in the under-8 Open category. 

James missed his brother (right), Mr Tiger (middle) and his mother (not in the picture)
 during the tournament. His father had accompanied him to Maribor. 

James Kwong (left) and Lye Lik Zang (right) at the 
World Youth Chess Championships in Slovenia. 


12th Kids for Chess Camp
27 & 28 November 2012  
(Kuala Lumpur)

   Kids for Chess Program, Imagine Software & Cheras Chess Academy, welcomes you to its 
12th Chess Camp for children. The course has been designed to be fun and informative for the absolute beginner, the intermediate player as well as the aspiring tournament player. The Chess camp is headed by Candidate Master Collin Madhavan and he will be assisted by a team of very qualified trainers including Efren Bagamasbad from the Philippines

  The participation fee has been subsidised and will be as  follow:

RM90 for Beginners and Absolute Beginners,
    RM100 for Lower Intermediate players,
         RM110 for higher Intermediate, & 
              RM150 for Tournament player. 

       All Chess equipment will be provided. If there should be any further enquiries, please feel free to contact Collin Madhavan at 016-2123578, or send us an email at

            The closing date for submitting the forms is 26th of November 2012.

Some photos from our earlier Chess Camps are featured below.


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Jalan Davidson School Chess Camp
12, 13 & 14 November 2012  
(Kuala Lumpur)


Chess sessions in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Day & Time: Sunday from 3 to 5 pm.

Levels:  All levels from beginner to tournament player.

Age: Children from 5 years of age to adults.

Who should join: Anyone who is interested to play Chess either for fun or to become a 
                         strong player. For your information, we have been running classes in Cheras 
                         for more than 7 years. 

Area: In Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (near Leisure Mall). 

Enquiries:  Please call/sms Collin at  016-2123578, or email us at

Chess Puzzles

White to checkmate in 4 moves.    


White to checkmate in 2 moves.    




1. Nxg6 hg 2. Qh3 Qh4 3. Qh4 Bh6 4. Qh6 checkmate
Vaganian - Siebrecht Dresden 2007 




1. Ng6 Rg6 2. Qh7 checkmate
Federov - Mamedjarova Baku 2007

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