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Chess Tournaments (April to June 2010) 

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24 to 25 April    
April Rapid Chess ( 10.20.30. )
(Kuala Lumpur)   
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25 April 

  (Kuala Lumpur)  

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1 to 2 May
Labour Day Rapid Chess Tournament 2010
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14 to 20 April 
Bangkok Open 2010 
Challengers Tournament 2010
(FIDE rated)  
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1 May
Cochrane Chess Championships (under-20)
Kuala Lumpur)  
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9 to 19 May  
Commonwealth Chess 2010
(FIDE rated) 
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29 April to 
May 2   
37th Selangor Open 2010
(Kuala Lumpur) 
(FIDE rated) 
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4 to 13 June  
11th ASEAN Age Group Championships
(Subic, Philippines) 
(FIDE rated)  
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Cheras Challengers Chess Tournament 2010
March 17 to 20
(Fide rated)

             Norazman Ismail wins Cheras Challengers Chess Tournament. Playing consistently throughout this Swiss tournament, Norazman scored six and a half points with the draw coming from his game against Md. Jaynul Abedin, the top seed of the tournament. 

Norazman Ismail wins the Cheras Chess Challengers 2010.

Mat Zaki Yeop wins the Elo rating 1551 to 1750 category.

Nor Izzudin Afandi Norazman  wins the the unrated & Elo rating below 1551 category.
(Izzudin is also
Norazman Ismail's son.)

     The tournament was organised by Cheras Chess Academy and assisted by Percawi, MSSWP and Insofar Chess Academy, while Cheras Chess Academy and Insofar Chess Academy were the main sponsors for the tournament. 

The winners of the respective categories are as follows: 

  Category Elo rating 1751 to 1950
1 Norazman Ismail 
2 Md. Jaynul Abedin 
3 Francois Wolfaardt 
4 Olivia Madhavan

  Category Elo rating 1551 to 1750
1 Mat Zaki Yeop 
2 Nithya Sivanesan
3 Paul Parimanam 
4 Haslindah Ruslan

  Category unrated & Elo rating below 1551
1 Nor Izzudin Afandi Norazman 
2 Chong Kwai Kun
3 Jayamurthey Pavitranayagi

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3rd KL Open 2010

Hou Yifan, 2010 KL Open Champion

PNo.Name                   R1     R2     R3     R4      R5     R6     R7      R8     R9     Total 
  1   Hou Yifan             64s1   51w1   37s1   10w1    2w    3s   21w1    7s1    4w  7.5 
  2   Nguyen Anh Dung       60w1   29s1   66w1    5w1    1s   11s    7w    4s   12w1  7   
  3   Mchedlishvili Mikhei  31w1   61s1   27w   40s1    9w    1w    6s   16s1   14w1  7   
  4   Megaranto Susanto     59s1   30w1   38s   36w1    6s    8w    5s1    2w    1s  6.5 
  5   Luther Thomas         84w1   45s1   16w1    2s0   33w1    9s1    4w0   14s   21w1  6.5 
  6   Swapnil S  Dhopade    78w1   53s1   52w1   11s    4w   12s    3w   22s   23w1  6.5 
  7   Dzhumaev Marat        71w1   24s0   84w1   30s1   52w1   31s1    2s    1w0   15s1  6.5 
  8   Khamrakulov Dzhurabe  47w1   55s1   40w   27s1   11w    4s   14w0   41s1   28w1  6.5 
  9   Ashwin Jayaram        54s   72w1   67s1   38w1    3s    5w0   13s   24w1   22s1  6.5 
  10  Cao Sang              22w1   41s1   24w1    1s0   16w1   21s0   45w1   28s   17w  6   
  11  Rahman Ziaur          76s1   34w1   39s1    6w    8s    2w   15s0   51w1   13s  6   
  12  Iuldachev Saidali     44s1   13w   35s1   25w   39s1    6w   38s1   15w    2s0  6   
  13  De Ramos Julius       99w1   12s   23w1   17s   14w   19s1    9w   21s   11w  6   
  14  Murshed Niaz          65s   93w1   26s   63w1   13s   36w1    8s1    5w    3s0  6   
  15  Irwanto Sadikin       74w1   52s0   47w1   66s1   22w1   17s   11w1   12s    7w0  6   
  16  Chan Nicholas         75s1   58w1    5s0   73w1   10s0   64w1   69s1    3w0   37s1  6   
  17  Duong The Anh         73s1   67w   70s1   13w   36s   15w   41s   53w1   10s  6   
  18  Laksana Agusta        63s1   42w   25s0   64w   70s1   30w1   32s   38w1   27s  6   
  19  Yap Kim Steven        58s0   80w1   64s   72w1   67s1   13w0   63s   69w1   36s1  6   
  20  Prathamesh Sunil Mok  87s1   36w0   59s1   44w   65s   69w0   64s1   63w1   49s1  6   
  21  Dimakiling Oliver     49s1   46w1   36s0   53w1   25s1   10w1    1s0   13w    5s0  5.5 
  22  Vakhidov Jahongir     10s0  101w1   56s1   51w1   15s0   39w1   25s1    6w    9w0  5.5 
  23  Bui Vinh              72s   54w1   13s0   26w1   24s1   38w0   46s1   34w1    6s0  5.5 
  24  Hoang Thi Bao Tram    91s1    7w1   10s0   28w   23w0   72s1   43w1    9s0   54w1  5.5 
  25  Praveen Kumar C       50w1   57s   18w1   12s   21w0   52s1   22w0   66s1   26w  5.5 
  26  Andyka Pitra          62w1   35s   14w   23s0   57w1   29s   55w1   32w   25s  5.5 
  27  Nguyen Van Huy        89s1   69w1    3s    8w0   46s1   41w   51s   36w   18w  5.5 
  28  Liu Dede              81w1   66s0   71w1   24s   29w   43s1   31w1   10w    8s0  5.5 
  29  Ram S  Krishnan      104s1    2w0   48s   49w1   28s   26w   56s1   37w   32s  5.5 
  30  Sukandar Irine Khari  95w1    4s0   74w1    7w0   59s1   18s0   68w1   57s   56w1  5.5 
  31  Yee Soon Wei           3s0   92w1  105s1   42w1   37s1    7w0   28s0   39w   51s1  5.5 
  32  Palit Somak           68w0   85s1   60w1   52s0   71w1   62s1   18w   26s   29w  5.5 
  33  Purnama Tirta Chandr  48s1   70w   65s   69w1    5s0   63w   36s0   71w1   53s1  5.5 
  34  Pak Yevgeniy         103w1   11s0   79w   78s1   43w0   44s1   65w1   23s0   60w1  5.5 
  35  Thakur Akash          92s1   26w   12w0   54s   60w   84s1   53w0   65s1   57w+  5.5 
  36  Das Sayantan         105w1   20s1   21w1    4s0   17w   14s0   33w1   27s   19w0  5   
  37  Saptarshi Roy         79w1   43s1    1w0   55s1   31w0   53s   40w1   29s   16w0  5   
  38  Situru Nathanael      77w1  110s1    4w    9s0   40w1   23s1   12w0   18s0   43w  5   
  39  Tirto                 80w1   68s1   11w0   57s1   12w0   22s0   47w1   31s   40w  5   
  40  Lim Chuing Hoong Ron  97s1   56w1    8s    3w0   38s0   48w1   37s0   58w1   39s  5   
  41  Ankit R  Rajpara     101s1   10w0   89s1   65w   44s1   27s   17w    8w0   48s  5   
  42  Wong Meng Kong        85w1   18s   57w   31s0   47w0   81s1   86w1   54s   46w  5   
  43  Farid Firman Syah    108s1   37w0   75s   48w1   34s1   28w0   24s0   77w1   38s  5   
  44  Ocantos Manuel        12w0   95s1   61w1   20s   41w0   34w0   82s   90s1   66w1  5   
  45  Muminova Nafisa       82s1    5w0   73s0   87w1   76s1   58w1   10s0   49w0   70s1  5   
  46  Deshmukh Anup         90w1   21s0   68w   79s1   27w0   60s1   23w0   88s1   42s  5   
  47  Vakhidov Nodir         8s0   96w1   15s0   91w1   42s1   51w0   39s0   97w1   63s1  5   
  48  Medina Warda Aulia    33w0  109s1   29w   43s0   78w1   40s0   84w1   55s1   41w  5   
  49  Eng Andre Jerome      21w0  106s   88w1   29s0   68w   93s1   62w1   45s1   20w0  5   
  50  Sihite Chelsie Monic  25s0  107w1   63s0   94s0  103w   96w1   70s   64w1   69s1  5   
  51  Khairul Anam          88w1    1s0   81w1   22s0   54w1   47s1   27w   11s0   31w0  4.5 
  52  Bhakti Kulkarni       98s1   15w1    6s0   32w1    7s0   25w0   58s   56w0   73s1  4.5 
  53  Fatianova Tatiana    106w1    6w0   87s1   21s0   86w1   37w   35s1   17s0   33w0  4.5 
  54  Foo Benjamin           9w   23s0  106w1   35w   51s0   80s1   94w1   42w   24s0  4.5 
  55  Liew Chee-Meng-Jimmy  96s1    8w0   58s1   37w0   73s1   65w   26s0   48w0   87s1  4.5 
  56  Wohl Aleksandar H     86w1   40s0   22w0   74s1   84w   67s1   29w0   52s1   30s0  4.5 
  57  Thompson Ian D       107s1   25w   42s   39w0   26s0   92w1   83s1   30w   35s-  4.5 
  58  Mitali Madhukar Pati  19w1   16s0   55w0  110s1   66w1   45s0   52w   40s0   84w1  4.5 
  59  Navalgund Niranjan     4w0  103s1   20w0   83s1   30w0   68s0   93w1   75s1   62w  4.5 
  60  Shanmuganathan T R     2s0   99w1   32s0  104w1   35s   46w0  103s1   61w1   34s0  4.5 
  61  Mahmud Syarif         83w1    3w0   44s0   80s0   93w   95s+   79s1   60s0   86w1  4.5 
  62  Udani Ian             26s0   75w0   96s1   85w1   89s1   32w0   49s0   74w1   59s  4.5 
  63  Smith Robert W        18w0   77s1   50w1   14s0   81w1   33s   19w   20s0   47w0  4   
  64  Zhou Guijue            1w0   83s1   19w   18s   94w1   16s0   20w0   50s0   88w1  4   
  65  Yeoh Li Tian          14w   94s1   33w   41s   20w   55s   34s0   35w0   67s  4   
  66  Melnikova Yana       102s1   28w1    2s0   15w0   58s0   75w1   74s1   25w0   44s0  4   
  67  Chan Peng Kong       100w1   17s    9w0   68s1   19w0   56w0   77s   81s   65w  4   
  68  Paulo Bersamina       32s1   39w0   46s   67w0   49s   59w1   30s0   70w0   96s1  4   
  69  Vinoth Kumar M       109w1   27s0  110w1   33s0   80w1   20s1   16w0   19s0   50w0  4   
  70  Wang Xiaohui         111w1   33s   17w0   75s   18w0   79s   50w   68s1   45w0  4   
  71  Ghosh Diptayan         7s0   91w1   28s0  101w1   32s0   82w   87s1   33s0   81w  4   
  72  Nik Nik Ahmad Farouq  23w    9s0   93w1   19s0   75w1   24w0   88s0   85s   92w1  4   
  73  Ismail Ahmad          17w0   90s1   45w1   16s0   55w0   77s0   92w1   94s1   52w0  4   
  74  Azman Hisham Mohd Na  15s0   98w1   30s0   56w0   91s1   76w1   66w0   62s0   99w1  4   
  75  Muhd Haikal           16w0   62s1   43w   70w   72s0   66s0  102w1   59w0  100s1  4   
  76  Nirav Y  Rajasuba     11w0   88s   86w   77s1   45w0   74s0   85w   82w1   83s  4   
  77  Au Hubert David       38s0   63w0  102s1   76w0  100s1   73w1   67w   43s0   78w  4   
  78  Hj Azahari Md Aliudd   6s0  104w   97s1   34w0   48s0   83s0  109w1   95w1   77s  4   
  79  Armstrong Malcolm J   37s0  108w1   34s   46w0   82s   70w   61w0   99s   98w1  4   
  80  Dewi Aa Citra         39s0   19s0   95w1   61w1   69s0   54w0  105s   96w   97s1  4   
  81  Capel Evan Timothy    28s0  102w1   51s0  105w1   63s0   42w0  101s1   67w   71s  4   
  82  Ivana Maria Furtado   45w0   84s0  100w  106s1   79w   71s   44w   76s0   94w1  4   
  83  Lee Kah Meng Elgin    61s0   64w0  108s1   59w0   98s1   78w1   57w0   86s   76w  4   
  84  Hoang Thi Nhu Y        5s0   82w1    7s0   92w1   56s   35w0   48s0  103w1   58s0  3.5 
  85  Rosli Ahmad Afiq Afy  42s0   32w0   99s1   62s0  104w   97w   76s   72w   89s  3.5 
  86  Mohamed Abdul Haq     56s0   97w   76s   98w1   53s0  101w1   42s0   83w   61s0  3.5 
  87  Khore Bean Hwa        20w0  111s1   53w0   45s0   95w   99s1   71w0  105s1   55w0  3.5 
  88  Aynechian Alireza     51s0   76w   49s0  100w  111s  104s1   72w1   46w0   64s0  3.5 
  89  Yeoh Phee Leong Marc  27w0  100s1   41w0  107s1   62w0   94s0   90w0  102s1   85w  3.5 
  90  Abdul Wahab Najib     46s0   73w0   92s0  103s0  108w1   98w1   89s1   44w0   95s  3.5 
  91  Smith Vivian J        24w0   71s0  111w1   47s0   74w0  107s   97s0  104w1  103s1  3.5 
  92  Limono Handjojo       35w0   31s0   90w1   84s0  107w1   57s0   73s0  110w1   72s0  3   
  93  Kadek Iin Dwijayanti  94w   14s0   72s0   97w1   61s   49w0   59s0  100w0  109s1  3   
  94  Ansari Mohd Athar Dr  93s   65w0  104s   50w1   64s0   89w1   54s0   73w0   82s0  3   
  95  Sikivou Taione        30s0   44w0   80s0  102w1   87s   61w-  104w1   78s0   90w  3   
  96  Shenvi Pratik         55w0   47s0   62w0  109s  106w1   50s0  107w1   80s   68w0  3   
  97  Nur Najiha Hisham     40w0   86s   78w0   93s0  109w1   85s   91w1   47s0   80w0  3   
  98  Lee Say Siong John    52w0   74s0  103w1   86s0   83w0   90s0   -1    101w1   79s0  3   
  99  Amier Hamzah B  Mohd  13s0   60s0   85w0  108w  105s1   87w0  111s1   79w   74s0  3   
  100 Arjun Vairavan        67s0   89w0   82s   88s   77w0  105w0  106s1   93s1   75w0  3   
  101 Nur Nabila Azman His  41w0   22s0  109w1   71s0  110w1   86s0   81w0   98s0  105w1  3   
  102 Hatibie Taufan Ariq   66w0   81s0   77w0   95s0   -1    110w1   75s0   89w0  111s1  3   
  103 Lee Kai Jie Edward    34s0   59w0   98s0   90w1   50s  111w1   60w0   84s0   91w0  2.5 
  104 Hamzah Razali         29w0   78s   94w   60s0   85s   88w0   95s0   91s0   -1    2.5 
  105 Ting Shih Chieh Alfr  36s0    -1    31w0   81s0   99w0  100s1   80w   87w0  101s0  2.5 
  106 Saurabh Sable         53s0   49w   54s0   82w0   96s0  108s  100w0  107w  110s1  2.5 
  107 Srikanth Bhavisameer  57w0   50s0   -1     89w0   92s0   91w   96s0  106s  108w  2.5 
  108 Lau Xian Hui Rudolph  43w0   79s0   83w0   99s   90s0  106w  110s0   -1    107s  2.5 
  109 William Lee Kah Howe  69s0   48w0  101s0   96w   97s0   -1     78s0  111w   93w0  2   
  110 Wong Enoch Yat-Long   -1     38w0   69s0   58w0  101s0  102s0  108w1   92s0  106w0  2   
  111 Muhammad Adib Syauqi  70s0   87w0   91s0   -1     88w  103s0   99w0  109s  102w0  2


Chess sessions in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Day & Time: Sunday from 3.15 to 5 pm.

Levels:  All levels from beginner to tournament player.

Age: Children from 5 years of age to adults.

Who should join: Anyone who is interested to play Chess either for fun or to become a 
                         strong player. For your information, we have been running classes in Cheras 
                         for more than 3 years. 

Area: In Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (near Leisure Mall). 

Enquiries:  Please call/sms Collin at  016-2123578, or email us.  

Chess Puzzles

Black to play and win.    

Black to play and win. 




1. ..... Ng3 2. Ke1 Re2 3. Kd1 Bb3 4. Kc1 Ba3 5. Kb1 Re1 # {Also possible is 2 ....Bb3 3. Qh8 Kxh8 4. Ng6 Kg7 5. Ne5 Bf2 #; 2. .....  Bb4  3.Kd1 Bb3 4. Kc1 Ne2+ 5. Kb1 Nc3+ 6.Kc1 Rc2 # 01 Byrne Fischer, 1956} 




1...Qf2 2.Kf2 Rd1 01 Eckart Tarrasch 1887 
          {3. Be3 Be3 #} 

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