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Tournaments (Nov. to Dec. 2008) 

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30 November
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18 - 22 December
Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu Grand Finale 2008   
(Fide Rated)  
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15 - 21 December
KL Chess Open 2008
(Fide Rated)    
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4th Kids for 
Chess Camp 
(26 & 27 Nov.2008)

We're Back!!

Kids for Chess Program and Imagine Software invite you to the 4th edition of this very popular Chess Camp. The course has been designed to be fun and informative for the absolute beginner, the intermediate player as well as the aspiring tournament player. With this camp, we are proud to announce the following list of players who collectively have more than 200 years of chess experience!!? (Yes)

  National Master 
 Kamal Abdullah

National Master
Choo Min Wang

Tick Hong

S. Balen


Candidate Master 
Collin Madhavan 

A brief summary of the Camp's details are as follows: 

Dates (2 days):  

November 26 (Wednesday) & 
November 27 (Thursday)  

9.00 am to 3.00 pm
12 hours 
Pandan Lake Club (Perdana Ballroom), 
28, Jalan Perdana 3/8, Pandan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur  
(See Map in the form below)   
3 Levels:  
1) Absolute beginner/beginner  
2) Intermediate player  
3) Aspiring tournament player  
Morning break and lunch provided for  
Entry fee: 
RM 90 per student
Collin Madhavan at ( 03-91316474 or 016-2123578), 
or send us the form by email to
Closing date:   25th of November 2008.

The MAIN sponsor for this event is PANDAN LAKE CLUB

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GM Yasser Seriawan Simultaneous Chess Exhibition

Photo source:

Grandmaster Yasser Seriawan was down in Malaysia in August 2008 for a short vacation. While here, GM Seriawan managed to squeeze in a simultaneous chess match where he played against 30 local chess players. The match went on for more than 5 hours and at the end, Seriawan emerged victorious in winning the overall match. Just for the record, this was his second visit to Malaysia.  


Chess Puzzles 


White to checkmate in 2 moves.   


White to checkmate in 2 moves.   




1. Nxc8 Qd6 2. Qxd6 # 1 0 Morphy Dominguez 1858 {Also possible is 1. Nc4 Qd6 2. Qxd6 #}   




1. R1f7 Kh6 2. Rh8 # 1-0 Morphy Smyth 1959   

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