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28 March 2021
2 to 4 pm

3rd Cheras Earth Day Chess Tournament (Online event)
(For Malaysians only)

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To be announced 
April 2021
Charity Chess April  2021
The Charity Chess match is an Online Charity Simultaneous Chess match that is organised by the Cheras Chess Academy to raise much needed funds for Animal Shelters and Animal Rescuers. 
  Last year, with the help of friends, supporters and fellow animal lovers, we managed to raise RM8,500. 
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  It will be a simultaneous Chess match between 4 state chess players from the Cheras Chess Academy against 10 to 20 players. There is no fee, just a donation from the participant.
Donations: Even if you are not playing, you can be part of the match by just making a donation to this animal shelter. For more details, please whatsapp Master Collin Madhavan at 016-2123578.

Date: in April 2021
  To be announced
Start time: 2pm
End Time: by 3.45pm
More details will be published soon.
Every Sunday afternoon 

Sunday Training tournaments 
Organised by 
Cheras Chess Academy 

Only open to students of the Cheras Chess Academy. To become a student, please whatsapp 016-2123578 for more details of our online classes.  

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3rd Cheras Earth Day 
Chess Tournament 
(Online event)
(For Malaysians only)


28th March 2021 (Sunday)  


2 to 4 pm

To play in this event, the player must have a user ID at If you do not have a lichess ID yet, please click here  to sign up for a lichess ID.


Cheras Chess Academy & CMJ Academy


Malaysians only


1) U-12 Open (Boys Girls), 2) U-17 Open (Boys Girls)


Swiss System of 9 Rounds

Time control:

Blitz: 6 minutes each for the game. No increment.

Entry fee:       

RM 10

Closing date:

24th of March (Wednesday).


SMS or whatsapp to 016-2123578 Collin Madhavan


Certificate of Participation (e-cert) for all participants

All winners will receive cash prizes & individual Certificates of Achievement
List of cash prizes for the under-17 & under-12 categories. 
Champion RM50
Second RM40
Third     RM30
Fourth  RM20
Fifth      RM20
Top 2 female winners for each section will receive special prizes 
Special prizes for the top 3 winners in the under-9 category
Please note that each winner can only win one prize.

Cheating and the use of chess engines is strongly discouraged. 
Checking will be done by the organisers on games especially of the prize winners. 
If found to be cheating. offenders will be penalized, their tournament points forfeited and reported to

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Chess Shop
Chess sets and clocks 

Chess set RM45 (free shipping to certain states)
Complete chess set - solid plastic tournament chess pieces and vinly chess board. 
The pieces are made from good plastic material. Complete set of 32 chess pieces 
with extra Queens for both color.  King = 3 "(97mm) tall, 1 "(38mm) base. 

HQT101 digital clock RM65 

(free shipping to certain states)

   Basic Digital Chess Timer with Bonus & Delay is a reliable game timer that is easy to program and use. This timer features both count up and count down modes and includes either bonus time (also know as increment time) or delay time. -Easy to program and use -Requires 1 - AA battery (included) -The move indicator light, The button is lifted(the indicator light bright) -Timer measurements: 5.4" x 3.4" x 1.8" (13.8 x 8.8 x 4.5cm) -Timer Net Weight: 160grams -Timer Colors: Black, Burgundy, Red, Yellow, Tan, White, Blue, Green -Supports bonus/increment (Fischer) time up to 59 seconds per move. -Supports delay time up to 59 seconds per move. -Both count up and count down modes. -Time, bonus/increment (Fischer) and delay times can be set different for each side of the timer if desired. - Audible alarm (when time expires) can be turned on or off.

Please note that all pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. To order, please 
whatsapps us at 016-2123578. 

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   Online Chess Classes

  The Cheras Chess Academy has been conducting online chess classes for many years. With our experience and training methods, your child can continue to learn the game and keep their minds active at home. Let us help your child. It will make a difference. 

   If you like to find out more, 
please whatsapps us 

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Chess Puzzles

White to play and checkmate in 5 moves 

White to checkmate in 4 moves 






1. Qg4 Qf6 2. Bxf6 g6 3. Qf4 d5 4. Qh6 dxc4 5. Qg7 checkmate  








1. Ne8+ Kg8 2. Rxh8+ Kxh8 3. Qf8+ Kh7 4. Rh3 checkmate (Also 4. Qg7 checkmate 
&  4. Nf6 checkmate)   

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