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12th Kids for Chess Camp November 2012

Below is a pictorial album of our Chess Camp in November 2012.

Participants and coaches at the closing of the 12th Kids for Chess Camp. 

Efren Bagamasbad (Philippines) in action. 

Chong Chee Meng with two of the juniors

Olivia Madhavan sharing a light moment with the participants in her section. 

Collin Madhavan and Efren Bagamasbad finally sitting down for a breather. 

Chong Chee Meng (standing left) and Bob Yap (standing right)

Emily Lai (left) and Umar Zulfiqa (right)

Kaber (in crutches) did a good job in the Lower Intermediate section. 

Doris Wong teaching and testing the juniors on some lessons. 

At the prize giving ceremony, the Cheras Chess Academy honoured Lye Lik Zang 
 by awarding him a Certificate of Excellence, a special gold Medal 
and a special gift. Beside him is coach Collin. 


Collin Madhavan

Under the watchful eyes of Efren Bagamasbad

Wan Lin's game also caught the interest of Efren Bagamasbad

Prize winners for the Lower Intermediate section 

Prize winners for the Beginners section 

Prize winners for the Higher Intermediate section.
Edward Liew (left) and Koh Chun Hoong (right)

Prize winners for the Tournament Player section. 
Yap Wan Lin (left) and Lye Lik Zang (right)

Participants from the Tournament Player section with 
coaches Collin (left) and Efren (right) seated. 

Five-year old Devesh Kumar

I will make a prediction here. If nothing changes, and if he just attends normal 
Chess training at the Cheras Chess Academy, this five year old boy on the right, 
will be a future Chess champion. I'm not joking. 

Schoolmates Reena Roop and Pui Yi seem happy playing together. 

Ivan Lai (left) and Megat (in the background) working out the tactics. 

Dinesh is all concentration as he ponders his next move. 

Jones Ling with his Mohican style haircut. 

Nadia Hakim

Samuel Phang

Looi Pui Yi

Tay Ee Thong

Liew, the vegetarian Chess player. 

Jack Cheong

Ms Leez, the food caterer. Say if you're interested in a 
good food caterer, then please her at 012-3939459.   

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