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3rd Kids for Chess Camp Dec. 2007

The participants at Sekolah Sri Garden, Kuala Lumpur

The 3rd Kids for Chess Camp turned out to be a major success especially with the children enjoying themselves while learning and improving their game of Chess. The three-day Chess Camp, which saw 92 children taking part, was divided into 4 different levels. The 4 levels, which were tailored for the different levels of chess play, included the Absolute Beginner, the Beginner, The Intermediate Player and The Aspiring Tournament Player.

Organised by Kids for Chess Program, the Chess Camp had a wealth of chess experience and knowledge. The 6 chess trainers and 2 chess instructors, included International Master Jimmy Liew, Candidate Master Collin Madhavan, National Master Kamal Abdullah, National Master Choo Min Wang, Tham Tick Hong (FIDE 2113) and S. Balen (FIDE 1960). So apart from the chess theory that was taught to the various levels, 6 grading tournaments were also included into the program. There were altogether 12 winners from the different sections while 2 newcomers to Chess received special prizes from International Master Jimmy Liew for their quick appreciation of the game.

Sekolah Sri Garden were the main sponsors for the event. The school sponsored five worthy students as well as subsidised the fees of all their students who participated in the Camp. The Camp ended with all the participants receiving their notes as well as their certificates of attendance.

“That’s the correct square,” as Jimmy tries to give some
insight to Chess excellence.

Two participants seen contemplating their moves during a training game.

Busy calculating moves.

Break time.

Learning to read and record Chess moves.

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