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1st Kids for Chess Camp 2006

The 1st Kids for Chess Camp turned out to be a big success especially with the children enjoying themselves while learning or improving their game of chess. The three-day Chess Camp (December 5 to 7) which saw around 70 children taking part in it, was divided into 4 different levels. The 4 levels were tailored for the Absolute Beginner, the Beginner, The Intermediate Player and The Aspiring Tournament Player.

The participants at Sekolah Sri Garden, Kuala Lumpur

The 7 instructors at the camp included International Master Jimmy Liew, National Master Choo Min Wang, S. Balen (FIDE 1960), Seto, Cornelius Bong, Doris Wong & Collin Madhavan (FIDE 2220). Special thanks goes out to Jax Tham, Dr Wahid Karim (RSC) and Sekolah Sri Garden, who were the main sponsor for the event.

The participants and 5 of the trainers.

International Master 
Jimmy Liew

Cornelius Bong & 
Collin Madhavan (FIDE 2220)

S. Balen (FIDE 1960)

National Master Choo Min Wang with some of the kids at the camp.

Seto watching two of the students analysing a position.

Busy calculating their moves.

Two six-year olds who did not want to record their games anymore!! 

Gufeld Tan in deep thought. 

Gufeld Tan taking a BrEaK! Chess is tough work!


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