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Cheras Earth Day 
Chess Tournament
Organised by 
Cheras Chess Academy (Master Collin Madhavan)
and International Youth Centre 
EVIZ Rated event
(Kuala Lumpur)  

About 160 children participated in the Cheras Earth Day Chess Tournament on 22 April 2018. The event organised by Cheras Chess Academy and the International Youth Centre (IYC). 

  Apart from the usual excitement of playing chess and winning prizes, the children were all given two door gifts, a mint plant seedling as well as a non woven bag to be used whenever possible instead of plastic bags. The highlight of the Earth Day event was the children were treated to a guided tour of the Urban Farming facility that is part of IYC's contribution to sustainable growth. For many of these city kids this was an eye opener. They were even allowed to feed the fish in the giant holding tanks. 

   Here are some of the photos from the memorable day.   

Players briefing followed by the Earth Day message to the juniors

Doris explaining to little Ian on Plastic pollution and its 
adverse effects on the environment and wildlife 


The kids checking out the Earth Day posters

Earth Day treat. The kids were taken on a tour of 
IYC's Rooftop Urban Farming facility.

Yes, there's always time for fun! Hello girls. 

IYC's Puan Jee lead the tour to the Rooftop Urban Farming facility.

So much to see, so much to learn.

This girl was fascinated at the setup.

Smile!! You're on 'Candid Camera'! 

It's feeding time at the fish tanks

One little boy wanted to jump into the tank to catch some fish. 

It's the first time for some of these kids learning about fish breeding

Still at the nursery

Yeah!! It's like a jungle on top of the building

Hello kids

Say Cheese! 

Marcus (left) faces off against Zheng Hong

Very tense

Old friends are paired against each other

From left: Jia Qing, Zhang Liang and Chi Yoong

Fast improving Chock facing some stiff competition

Jun Sern seems amused at his position

Liang stretches a little as he waits for his opponent to appear

Games in the Under-12 Girls section in full swing

Elena (left) finding it difficult to finish off the game against Syuen as 
she has only a minute or two left on her clock. Assistant arbiter 
Krishna pays special attention to this last game for this round. 

Roger (left) playing against Bok Siong (right)

Perak player Zhi Thong (left) and Qing Ling (right) 

Getting ready for the prize giving ceremony

Under-9 Boys: 11th to 20th position

Under-9 Boys Top 10 Winners

Under-12 Boys: 11th to 20th position

Under-12 Boys Top 10 Winners

Under-16 Boys Top 6 Winners

Under-9 Girls Top 3 Winners

Under-12 Girls Top 6 Winners

Under-16 Girls Champion

Under-16 Girls Second

Under-16 Girls Third

The children from Port Dickson who joined us to celebrate Earth Day. 
Thank you for coming children

Click for final results

Under-12 Boys 


Under-12 Girls 


Under-16 Open (Mix) 


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