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  Cheras Chess Academy  
raises RM8,500+ for Animal Charities

    During this lockdown period in Malaysia, nearly all animal shelters are facing food shortages, overcrowding and an increase in the number of abandoned pets. Animal rescuers & feeders have had the added problem of finding extra funding to feed  and also to move around during the movement control to rescue and feed stray animals. 
  With the help of our students and their parents, the Cheras Chess Academy organised a series of online Charity Chess tournaments and Simultaneous Charity Chess matches to raise funds for a number of animal rescuers, feeders, shelters and fosterers. 
  After nine simultaneous matches and tournaments, a total of more than RM8,500 was raised. Here are some pictures on their work and challenges. 

Neutred cats at S.I. Shelter

Pup in a cup
(Sisley Chong)

Saved and very happy

Many abandoned pets were rescued during this lockdown period

Sick and wounded animals being cared for
(S.I. Shelter) 

 Another cat rescued. 
(Azha, The Cat Papa) 

Mohd Azha Alias

Rescued (Malathi Animal Rescue) 

Feeding time for 80+ animals 
(Sisley Chong) 

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