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  21st Kids for Chess Camp 
8 & 9 June 2017
Organised by Cheras Chess Academy 
(Collin Madhavan FT)
(Kuala Lumpur)  

The 21st Kids for Chess Camp 2017 took place on 8 & 9 June at the International Youth Centre in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. More than a hundred participants took part in the bi-annual Chess camp which was organised by the Cheras Chess Academy. 

  The Chess camp was headed by Fide Trainer Collin Madhavan FT CM IA who was capably assisted by Fide Instructor Olivia Madhavan, Fide National Instructor Ms Doris Wong, Fide National Instructor Bob Yap, Fide National Instructor Genkeswaran, Fide National Instructor Kumaressan, veteran player/coach Eddy Kwan and a number of very capable chess instructors. The coaches were qualified, children friendly, very responsive to their needs and were very resourceful in finding new ways in teaching theory to the young minds.  

Coach Olivia showing the kids that tactics can look comical too!

     All teaching material for the Chess Camp were carefully structured to increase the level of knowledge as well as interest in the game. The Camp had 5 levels of Chess (based on playing strength & theory). All participants received their chess notes and certificate of participation. Apart from theory in the opening, middle-game and endgame, the camp also had special sparring sessions for all levels along with 9 separate training tournaments for the different categories where medals were given out the respective winners. 

    Here are more photos from the Chess Camp. 

Erin (left) fighting it out against Kim Cheung

Selangor state player Syafa'a Mawaddah (left) and Keeishoor.

Close supervision: Eddy showing the children the proper handling of the opening

Darren: The picture of concentration. 

Ea Son makes time for the camera. 

The ever shy Bok Siong (right)


Higher Intermediate

Syuen (left) and Roger

Soma (right)


Zyanne (left) and Roshan beside her.

Kim Cheung (centre) shows older brother Kim Soon (left) 
how it's done while Evan looks on. 

Coach Genkes (left) and Eddy during question time. 

Qing Lin (left) playing against Tisya.  Keeishoor.

Former Selangor state player Maahendar (left)

Participants from the Lower Intermediate (L2) section

Looking sharp kids!!! 

Ze Shan (left) grimaces as he sees his move being corrected 
while Chithraleka is all smiles.

Cheng Chen

Edwin (right) 

Coach Kumaressan explaining about sacrifices

Coach Kumaressan

Participants in the Beginners category

Participants from the Higher Intermediate section

Some personal time with the kids

Winners of the Lower Intermediate (L1) training tournament 

Winners of the Lower Intermediate (L2) training tournament 

Winners of the Higher Intermediate training tournament 

Winners of the Beginners training tournament 

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