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Understanding Openings and Endgames 2
(chess training for Intermediate level)
Beginners Holiday Chess Camp
(chess training for Beginners)
Organised by Cheras Chess Academy 
(Collin Madhavan FT)
(Kuala Lumpur) 

The August holidays Chess Camp attracted eighty plus participants. The 2-day chess training organised by Cheras Chess Academy was held at the International Youth Centre in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Apart from the Beginners Holiday Chess Camp, the stronger players attended the training on further understanding in the Openings and the Endgames. 
   The Chess camp was headed by Fide Trainer & Candidate Master Collin Madhavan, who was ably assisted by Fide Instructor Olivia Madhavan, Fide National Instructor Ms Doris Wong, Fide Instructor Genkeswaran, Fide Instructor Kumaressan and a number of very capable chess instructors. The coaches are all very qualified, capable, children friendly, very responsive to the needs of the children and were very resourceful in finding new ways in teaching theory to the young minds.  
  All teaching material for the Chess Camp was carefully structured to increase the level of knowledge as well as interest in the game.  All participants received their chess notes and certificate of participation. Apart from theory in the opening, middle-game and endgame, the camp also had special sparring sessions for all levels along with separate training tournaments for the different categories. Medals were given out based on their assessment scores and playing performance. 
  Here are some of the photos from the 2-day Chess Camp. 

Coach Olivia

Peace young man

Coach Doris

Like young masters, these children study the position with great interest

The top achievers in the Higher Intermediate

The top achievers in the Beginners section. 

The top achievers in the Lower Intermediate sections (L1 & L2)

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