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15th Kids for Chess Camp May 2014

    The 15th Kids for Chess Camp 2014 attracted almost a hundred participants. Organised by the Cheras Chess Academy and the Kids for Chess Program, the Chess camp was headed by Fide Trainer & Candidate Master Collin Madhavan who was  capably assisted by veteran player/coach Eddy Kwan, Miss Olivia Madhavan, Perak veteran coach Abu Bakar Martin, Ms Doris Wong, Mrs Eddy Kwan, Mr. Bob Yap and Cik Dianah. 

    All teaching material for the Chess Camp were carefully structured to increase the level of knowledge as well as interest in the game. Here are some of the photos that were taken at the camp. 

Winners of the training tournaments and the coaches. 
(Aspiring Tournament and Higher Intermediate categories.)

Winners of the training tournaments and the coaches. 
(Beginners and Lower Intermediate categories.)

Coach Collin going through some endgame revision before starting on the new material. 

Coach Eddy Kwan with the participants from the Higher Intermediate. 

Perak strongman, Coach Abu Bakar Martin taking a very short breather.  

Coach Doris (standing right) and Bob (left) 

From left: Giap, Megat and Bryan. 

Smiles from Dianah (left) and Olivia (right) during one the sparring sessions.  

Nazmi (right) faces off against Ian Lee (left). 

Darren (left) and Christine (right). 

The shy master Dallas (left), Han Hsuen (middle) and Umar (right). 

Nur Aishah (left). 

 Hsuen (left) and Kim Soon (right). 

Lik Zang (left) watching the game between Darrel and Gavin. 


The dining hall. 

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