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17th Kids for Chess Camp June 2015

Coach Olivia has the participants all thinking with this position in the board. 

The Lower Intermediate L2 section. 

Ben (left) in the Beginners section.

Little Chew (with hands on his head) contemplating his next move. 

Kamal doing a quick revision on technique. 
Collin listens in.

All eyes on Jimmy's Veresov game! 

Training tournament is on! 

Solving chess problems & writing chess moves!! 
Well done kids.

The Lower Intermediate L1 section with Eddy Kwan. 

Natalie (left) watches Mickie's game. 

Chee Fatt (left) and Zhi Thong (Perak MSSM player) 

"Okay, who's knows the answer?" 

Kamal gets the attention of the beginners. 

The Pawn endgames. 



My cheeky little Brenda (right) with Syuen. 

Anba (middle) accompanies his son at lunchtim. 

Trainers and old friends get to chat at lunchtime. 
From left: Jax Tham, Jimmy Liew and Kamal.

Time to relax

Winners of the Beginners training tournament

Jimmy sits with the Higher Intermediate participants 

Certificates of Participation being given out by coach Doris

And more certificates. 

The Beginners 'graduating' from this section. 

The Higher Intermediate section. 

Junior Masters participants with their trainers

Winners of the Lower Intermediate (L1 & L2) training tournaments

Winners of the Higher Intermediate training tournament.

Winners of the Junior Master training tournament

Bok Siang was given the honour of taking a personal photo with International 
Master Jimmy Liew for knowing who Jimmy is in Malaysian Chess

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