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18th Kids for Chess Camp 
1& 2 December 2015
Cheras Chess Academy
(Collin Madhavan FT)
(Kuala Lumpur)  

The 18th Kids for Chess Camp 2015 has come and gone. But for many, the 2 days  was not enough, they wanted more Chess. One boy came up to me and wished that the Chess Camp would never end. He summed it up best by saying, "This Chess School is better than normal school."  Ha. 

   Yes, I must say that the coaches played a major part in the Camp. Apart from being good and qualified, the coaches were children friendly, very responsive to their needs and were very resourceful in finding new ways in teaching theory to the young minds. 

   All teaching material for the Chess Camp were carefully structured to increase the level of knowledge as well as interest in the game. The Camp had 5 levels of Chess (based on playing strength & theory), 10 coaches and 114 participants!! All participants received their chess notes and certificate of participation. Apart from theory in the opening, middlegame and endgame, the camp also had special sparring sessions for all levels along with 9 separate training tournaments for the different categories where medals were given out the respective winners. 

    Here are some of the photos that were taken at the Kids for Chess Camp. 

Kai Xin (right) all ready to play against Dzulhilmy

FIDE Instructor Olivia Madhavan

Roshan (left) and Eaxon 

 Checkmate!! Good one boys. 

Collin (right) speaking on 'Fighting Chess'!! 

Coach Genkes ready to correct the technique of the participants.
In the middle is Wei Na. 

Special training games for the Junior Masters. Veteran player Jax Tham Tick Hong
did a good job by playing specially prepared lines against the participants. 

"No, no, I'm not crying. I'm just very emotional over such 
a beautiful game. It's my own Mona Lisa of Chess!!"  
Well done Chee Pang. 

Seth had a good time at the camp. 

Wide-eyed Shi Xuan (left) and Preteeb

FIDE Trainer Collin Madhavan explaining to the 
Junior Masters the foundation of higher chess. 

FIDE Trainer Collin Madhavan

FIDE Instructor Olivia Madhavan

FIDE Instructor Jax Tham Tick Hong

FIDE National Instructor Genkes

Instructor Karen Kwan

Chess trainer Eddy Kwan 

FIDE National Instructor Doris Wong

Instructor Michelle

FIDE National Instructor Kumaressan

FIDE National Instructor Bob Yap

Michelle (left) and Doris 

Chee Pang (left) with Ying Hui. 

Yu Heng (left) and Jun Wei (right) 

Helping to arrange the pieces on the demo board

Coaches having an extra quick lunch

Daren (middle) studies the position on the board. 


Imran Syafiq (right) from Terengganu

Cher Yee (foreground) is very focused on the analysis 
while Bok Siong (on the other table) has a BIG smile for cameraman!! 

And now it's Bok Siang's (left) turn. 

Yum yum! 

Grace and Hao Ming

Hello Amanda (standing) 

Serious work

More theory for the Higher Intermediate

Training tournament (beginners) 

 Lower Intermediate (L2) 

Hello Jia En

Lower Intermediate (L1) 

Winners of the training tournament (Higher Intermediate) 
with coaches Olivia, Tick Hong & Collin 

Winners of the training tournament (Lower Intermediate L1) 
with coaches Doris & Karen

Winners of the training tournament (Lower Intermediate L2) 
with coaches Eddy Kwan & Genkes 

Junior Masters section
with coaches Tick Hong & Collin 

Winners of the training tournament (Beginners) 
with coach Bob and instructors Michelle and Kumaressan

The 4 lovely daughters of Cikgu Abu Bakar Martin from Sungei Siput, Perak. 
It was great having you at the Chess Camp. 

2 days after the Camp, lunch with some of the coaches. 
KK Chan was the guest of honour.  

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